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It is MusikDJ’s most treasured task to make sure that the music playing at your wedding is by your design and dreams about a good DJ for wedding in Copenhagen. MusikDJ is a part of between 150 and 200 weddings each year and that makes for a lot of experience regarding your type of party.

How do we make sure you got the right entertainment and music for your wedding? We do that by talking to you, matching our expectations to yours and tailor everything to make your needs and wishes the most important thing. On this page you can read a lot more about DJ for your wedding in Copenhagen and how we make sure to give you a perfect and amazing wedding party.

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A wedding is, for most people, the most important event of their lives. After a lovely dinner including speeches and festive features, it is our job to be ready with audio, lighting and a festive DJ who can deliver well chosen dance music and set the mood as you kick off the party. The wedding waltz is most often danced between 11 pm and midnight where after the wedding party can begin. With all the guests on the floor for the wedding waltz, this is an ideal moment for setting the party of with a song that makes people unable to sit still.

The perfect dance music for your wedding is chosen by a conversation between us and you as the couple where we make it absolutely clear what kind of music you want. You have, without a doubt, some preferences about the music and most likely a number of song that mean something special to you and your wedding guests. Therefor we invite you to make a list of 15-25 songs that you find important for your wedding party. The playlist will be an inspiration for the DJ who, with his experience, will build on to that playlist and improve the genres for your wedding party.

The best dance party is closely linked closely to the best possible preparations. This is why your personal DJ for your wedding in Copenhagen will call you and discus the course of the evening. Your wedding DJ will confirm the agreements you have made, discus any special requests and off cause the songs you have ordered. The list with the inspiration for the music will be examined from one end to another so we can make sure that all expectations match before the big night.

At the wedding party itself the DJ will take song requests from the guests to the extent that it matches the mood of the dance party. Our DJ’s with years of experience obviously has a great knowledge about the music that makes for a good dancing party. To be able to scan the dance floor and feel the mood is an essential element for the wedding DJ’s MusikDJ offers. It is due to our experience that the ability to read the dance floor and feel the mood becomes so outspoken that the right music will burst out through the speakers.


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Our professionel wedding DJs

When you rent a DJ for your wedding in Copenhagen at MusikDJ is it our most important task to secure the good entertainment and dance music. All our wedding DJ’s is experienced and has a trail of party behind them. This is imperative, because it is often a matter of playing a wide range of music genres fitting all the different ages that is often represented at a party including both family and friends. It is important that the DJ at the wedding is prepared to be adaptable and is able to read the mood of the party. Further down you can read much more about our skilled DJ’s.

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Easy to book a DJ for wedding in Copenhagen

1 The first thing you need to do is to use the contact form below and describe your wedding. We need to know the date of the wedding party, number of guests, where in Denmark it is going to be held and a little bit about your wishes and dreams regarding the party.
2 After we receive your information about the wedding party, we will craft a written offer where all the information will appear. Price, audio, lighting and general information will be in the offer so you can confirm the offer, lean back and let us do the rest of the work.
3 When the date of the wedding approaches we will contact you again. Any changes you may wish will be adjusted, extra lighting or whatever you may wish will be coordinated. Your personal DJ will call you to go through the music so that we can create the right party after you wishes and needs.

Receive a free offer for your wedding DJ

If you want a free offer for a DJ to play at your upcoming wedding, please fill out the contact form. Write the needed information and we will get back to you with a written offer including price, description and much more. If you have any questions about DJ for wedding in Copenhagen you are more than welcome to call us directly at this number: +45 71 99 40 60. We will be looking forward to be able to contribute to your future wedding.

* We will reply within 24 hours

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