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DJ for your wedding Copenhagen

What kind of music you wish to have at your wedding depends on who you are as human beings and what kind of mood you wish to be the icing on the cake at the biggest day of your life.

DJ for your wedding in Copenhagen

“How about a live band?” ask the bride to be. Her future husband looks at the woman he is going to spend the rest of his life with and sees the money bleeding from their bank account with record speed. “How about a DJ for the party?” he suggests and pulls out his mobile phone and types the words: DJ for wedding in Copenhagen They snuggle together on the couch and looks through the results from the search engine.

The situation above is one most of you who has ever gotten married can relate to. Every other aspect of the wedding is set in stone from the bride’s hairdressing and make-up to the color of the tablecloths and the company who is going to deliver the amazing food for the big day. But what about the music? What kind of music should it be and should it be playing during the dinner or is it better to wait after the cake is cut?

Your considerations

All these considerations evolving the music at your wedding can easily become a problem, and make the processes of planning your perfect wedding to a nuisance task instead of a joint enjoyable effort. To make this easier we bring you a checklist of all the considerations you should take into account when you need to choose the musical element of your party:

1. Is it a party or a reception?
2. How many guests are attending?
3. What is the age span of the guests?
4. Is there children invited?
5. Do you wish to have subdued music during the dinner?
6. What kind of mood do you wish to set?
7. What can you afford?
8. Where is the location of the party?
9. Do you have any specific expectations regarding the lighting?

And last but not least:

10. What kind of music do you like?

When you have answered these ten questions you have already covered half a mile. From these questions you can determine if your best option is to make your own playlist, hire a live band, maybe a DJ or even a pianist.

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Wedding DJ Moltkes Palae MusikDJ
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Marlene DJ At Wedding Weddingwaltz MusikDJ

Homemade playlist

A homemade playlist has the advantage of being solely music you love, you think will be perfect for the party and is a unique mixture of all your favorite songs. But be advised; it is a time consuming effort and can quickly become a tedious task. Furthermore, it can be a problem to have an iPod or a laptop at free access at the party, giving that everyone can change the music at any given time and sometimes turn the volume up so loud that not everyone finds it enjoyable.

Live band

To book a live band can be both expensive and time consuming. The challenge of finding the right band that is both available and affordable at the same time, is a real one. The location of your party can also be a restricting factor regarding how much room there is for the band to set up. The other downside of a live band is that you need to go out and see them play before you make a decision. Have you got multiple options on live bands this could take weeks, even months.

If you decide on a live band without seeing them play live first you can be extremely unfortunate and end up with a keyboard player with his tunes preset in the instrument and a karaoke machine next to it. This will surely kill the mood on the slowest possible way.

However, fear not, there is off cause positive sides to choosing a live band for your wedding party. Given that you have chosen the right band, the atmosphere of a live band and hearing the music travel directly from the instruments, through the speakers and into your ears are beyond comparison. To witness the energy and the talents of live musicians is an experience you will remember the rest of your life.


It doesn’t matter if you want a wedding that has the guests dancing till the break of dawn or a small reception where the joint families can get to know each other better, a DJ will always be able to accommodate your vision. The DJ playing at your wedding will solely be playing music you wish him to play and you think is the right music for your party.

If you have a special request for a piece of music or a certain song you wish to take your first steps to as man and wife, a DJ can make this happen. The personal element a DJ is, makes for a perfect feeling for the atmosphere and the possibility of adjusting light and volume to fit the mood in the room.

The music accompanying your wedding is often one of the points on the checklist to be crossed last. But the feeling music brings to a party is underestimated and it will later in life remind you of the wonderful day you spend with your loved ones and where you said “I do” to your soul mate. Certain songs will take you back and relive the moment again and again.

It is imperative that the wedding-DJ at your party is aware of the fact that he is a part of the making of the most important day of your life. The DJ we send out from MusikDJ is professional DJ with years of experience and a ton of wedding on their repertoire.


A whole different side to your wedding party is the lighting. Whether you want the room fully lit or have preferences regarding the color of the light it is all doable with a DJ from MusikDJ. Some cultures are known for their all-in approach evolving their weddings, from the transport from the ceremony to the party location and to the lighting and the music.

Often you see bright colors and lots of lighting when walking past a venue hosting e.g. a Turkish wedding. The music to accompany this lighting is most likely traditional according to their culture and thereby takes the couple and their guests back to their cultural roots.

The first dance as man and wife

The thing most wedding couples agree on is that there should be a wedding waltz, but what kind of waltz and why does it have to be done before midnight?

Some wedding couples choose to do the wedding waltz to a modern piece of music instead of the traditional one, because this piece of music means something important to them. Maybe it’s the song that was playing when they first met or the song they listened to the first time they went on a date. No matter what kind of song you choose it is something extraordinary to dance the first dance as a married couple.

The traditional song most of the wedding couples choose is the one written by Niels W. Gade and is a part of the ballet called “A folktale” which was first produced in 1854. It is said, that Niels W. Gade didn’t care much for his piece and it was up to the ballet master to convince Mr. Gade of the importance of the piece, and that the ballet could not function without it.

The reason you must dance the wedding waltz before midnight, is that, it is said that at midnight you go from unmarried to married. If you do not dance the wedding waltz before midnight the marriage it invalid. Well, superstitions are everywhere.

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Mads DJ Wedding MusikDJ

Two socks in half

To begin the waltz the chosen song is started and the newlyweds start dancing. All the guests stand up and form a circle around the happy couple while clapping along to the song. The guests close in on the couple until they can no longer move, and at this point the groom is picked up by the male guests, stripped of his shoes and then gets his socks cut in half.

But, you wonder, why does perfectly new and good socks need to be cut in half? You might even think that it is a waste of money. And it very well might be, but true to the tradition the groom needs to get his socks cut so he can no longer go courting now that he is happily married. The story goes that when a man would go courting at the young unmarried girls he would put on his clean and whole socks. So now that his socks are no longer whole he can no longer go courting.

One, two, three veils

The Danish women have not always worn veils at their weddings. It is a custom we have adopted within the last 100 years. Before the veil became a trend in Denmark, the Danish brides wore either a metal ring in the shape of a tiara or a cap of fabric with ribbons hanging in the sides. The wedding day was also the last day the woman could wear her hair down. After marriage it was the woman’s duty to wear her hair up as a demure woman. The very first encounter with a veil was in France in the 1700’s, and is to this day a sign of virginity.

To rip the brides veil apart is said to bring the wedding couple happiness and bliss, and the more pieces the more bliss, including for the guests if they were to take a piece home with them. If this is a tradition you wish to make a part of your wedding day, remember that if you save the pieces and put them together at your silver wedding it will bring you even more happiness.

Cut the cake

The wedding cake you normally see at a wedding is originally from America and is a cake of multiple layers, butter crème and sugar flowers. That the bride, with a little help from the groom, is cutting the cake should make sure that the marriage does not go without children.
The old tradition for a Danish wedding cake is a cornucopia, rings of baked marzipan put together to form a horn and then filled with cookies, chocolate and all sorts of sweets.

One bouquet, four traditions

There are 4 different traditions when it comes to the bridal bouquet. The first is one we all know, the one where the bride throws the bridal bouquet out amongst the unwed women and the one who catches it is the next one to be married.

The second tradition is more unknown and is about the newlyweds lying the bridal bouquet on a relative’s grave. This should bring the couple immense happiness.
If the bride wants to keep her bridal bouquet the two former traditions may not be for her. But then the next ones should be more up your ally.

The bride has the option of getting her bridal bouquet embalmed so it stays fresh for a longer period of time. This is pretty clever, especially if you know about the fourth and final tradition. Well, it’s more like a superstition. Anyways, it is said that if you place your bridal bouquet in water, your marriage will be short and childless.

In the end it comes down to the decision of keeping the bouquet or giving it away.

The final decision

You are now aware of all these traditions, superstitions and possibilities. It is now up to the two of you to make the decision regarding what you want at your wedding. Luckily, the fewest of us is bound to tradition so tight that we can’t mix things up like we see fit.

No matter what you choose, we at MusikDJ, will always make sure, that your wishes will be met as satisfactory as possible. We will make sure to keep in close contact before, during and after your wedding party. It is important for us that you get the best wedding possible and that you will remember this special day for the rest of your life. It is a day that is unique and that you, hopefully, will only experience once.

And remember, if it rains on your wedding day your life will be prosperous. Even if you end up soaked.

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